Roommate Wanted for Cozy Marina Apartment


Hi. My name is Jeri. I am a 47 year old, straight, female, Professional Meditation Teacher and Personal-Spiritual-Business Coach.  I’m currently shopping for a new long term roommate to share my cozy fully furnished apartment on Chestnut Street in the Marina with a similarly mature, quiet, very tidy, professional.

Bonus!  I usually share the apartment with a roommate, but for the next few months, I will only be there one or so weekends per month (some months not at all) as I am helping a friend with her father’s house in Sacramento and staying up there.  I’m looking for someone to cover the full rent while I’m gone and then share the apartment when I return.

There are some unique features about my space…

Cozy is a city life code-word for shared 1-BR converted into 2BR.  It is a large (600 sq ft) apartment with large living room and one separate bedroom…not usually shared by roommates UNLESS you live in SF, NYC or other city enjoying a tech-bro invasion! Ha Ha

PLEASE, BEFORE YOU RULE OUT SHARING IT, please read on, hear my story, and see the PHOTOS on the other tab.

Here is the scoop:

For the next few mos you will have the entire furnished place to yourself 24/7 (minus a weekend visit here and there to maintain it as my primary residence).

When I return, you keep the private bedroom to yourself 24/7.  The living room will be shared in daytime and closed off with a thick drape at night to become a bedroom for me.
A futon will fold flat for my bed and my clothes and personal items are tastefully stored in hall closets and a small wicker chest.

I work from home as a meditation coach and keep the place tidy so you will never feel like you are in “my bedroom”.  The drape works great to change the configuration to private spaces.  If it makes you feel more comfortable, we can install an accordion door, but so far all my roommates have thought the drape worked great.  It is all very comfortable, perhaps mostly because I keep my space and my energy pretty “clean” and neutral.  If you are curious, please come by for a visit because you will be surprised that the common space feels very much like it would in a 2BR, with the only difference that it is “closed off” around 11pm for privacy.


Available for move-in: 30 days (or less with a few accommodations)
Room Type: Private, fully furnished
Bathroom and Kitchen: Shared, fully furnished
Storage: none (bedroom only)
Term: Month-to-month sublease.  I prefer a long term roommate, but short term OK for the right person and right situation.  My landlord will be notified of your presence per rent ordinance rules, but she will not include you on a lease.

Your share Rent and Utilities:
     While I am in Sacramento  and you live alone (2-3 months): $2,300
When I return to cohabit: $1,600
Security Deposit: $850.00
Housekeeper: $65-80 every 4 weeks, (or sooner depending on how tidy you are).  We split this when I am there.

Total Roommates: 2 (including me and you, occasional guests for 2-3 days ok with notice)
House profile: Sorry, pets, no smoking, 420, or alcohol in the house (except celebratory wine, champagne, etc.).
Work: You must work outside of the home and keep a regular schedule (so when I am living there I can do my work from home)

About Me:

I am a 47 year old Professional Meditation Teacher, Spiritual-Life and Business Coach.  Of course, I didn’t start out as that.  I grew up in rural Illinois, rode ATVs and horses, played softball and basketball, attended Southern Illinois University then made my way to California almost 18 years ago with a job opportunity.  In hindsight, I came to find “my people” and study spirituality.  My teachers were here so I came.

Simultaneously while studying meditation, I had a 17-year career as a marketing professional, database marketing analyst and consultant in the Financial Industry.  Apparently I needed to develop both sides of the brain!  These days, I stick to teaching meditation and coaching instead of corporate work.  But I try to keep it all fun and not take life or my spirituality too seriously.

When not meditating or working I like to get out into nature and take comedy/improv classes at Fort Mason.  I also like to take the top down on my Jeep Wrangler and drive the coast or go camping.  In case you are wondering if it would be weird to live with someone who meditates quite a bit, please know that I am a pretty normal person that just gets a kick out of studying how the mind works and helping people lighten up.  You wont hear me chanting or anything, but you might come home to find me sitting quiet and content in a chair without the tv or radio…not too far away that I couldn’t say hello.

My Professional Profile:

If you are interested to see my professional Linked in profile, click here or see my website at

Why am I sharing my apartment? 

I love San Francisco!  There is a place and a need here for creative people like me, even if I am not working in the Financial or Technology industries and making big bucks!  The transition to full time Meditation Coach is my passion and my purpose and I have decided to do what it takes to make it happen.  Sharing this apartment simply makes it work financially.  In addition, I actually like people and living with others.

My home is a kind, thoughtful, living space and a sanctuary to rest, recharge, laugh and be inspired.  For the last couple years, my roommate was a prominent businessman and weekday commuter, who appreciated my easy, calm, restful, sanctuary after long work hours.  This was a very low drama relationship that only ended because of his work and family changes.

Since December I have had a less successful female roommate who is unfortunately struggling in ways that are putting the safety of my home and neighbors at risk.  If I were there full time to help her, it might be ok but I am afraid the worse might happen and therefore am proactively looking for a replacement.  She has a brilliant job and a lot of family here in the bay area so I know she will be ok as long as she gets the help that she needs.  I will also assist her in any way I can.  I mention this just to let you know that you will be replacing a roommate presently living there (until I give notice) and to ask that only only those who are truly low-drama apply.  In case you are not sure…if you watch The Bachelor, Survivor, Housewives Of or the Kardashians, please do not reply.:)

About the Neighbors:

My neighbors are generally quiet and mature.  My floor neighbors have all lived here more than 15 years.  The only exception is the upstairs neighbors who you can hear walking sometimes such as right before and after work, but they usually quiet down after dinner. They also have a 4 month old infant but she hardly cries at all (really…no kidding I can’t believe how quiet she is).   they don’t leave sooner, fire code will force them to leave before their next baby arrives, and the low rent is definitely worth waiting it out.  I’m hoping you will be there longer than they are.  Otherwise, the first-floor, rear apartment is very insulated and has hardly any street noise.

About you:
*When I am living there, it is important that you work outside of the house and have a steady schedule.  This is because my telephone coaching requires a super-quiet environment and I will be scheduling clients weeks in advance during your work hours.
*You are a party of one.  You will not be bringing anyone to live with you full time.  Of course occasional guests are ok with advance notice from/to both of us.
*You don’t have a lot of furniture or are willing to store it elsewhere while you are living here.
*You are not into heavy drinking, 420, illicit or prescription drugs.
*You are mature, very tidy, peaceful, happy, caring and like to laugh.

About your room:

*Fully Furnished private room with Queen size bed, end tables, clothing armoire, desk, office chair and large.
*Full size closet.
*Quiet, interior room with double pane windows.
*Black-out drapes if you like to sleep in a cave.
*No storage other than in room.

About my room:

*A futon by the window (not shown in photo) is a couch by day and my bed by night.  Since I work in the home, (very) occasionally entertain clients and do not particularly want to look at my “bedroom” all day, I dress the room as a living room during the day.  You are welcome to use these areas as needed during the day, then when I get ready to sleep (around 11pm), the living room and kitchen area is closed off with a thick drape.
*My space is typically tidy and all my personal things are tucked away in closets.  It will not feel like you are sitting in my bedroom or in my ju-ju when watching tv.

About the apartment and amenities

*Fully furnished living room and kitchen with dishwasher, garbage disposal, cooking utensils, flatware, etc.
*Washer and dryer in building.  Laundry service just down the block.
*Basic Cable TV, high-speed cable internet
*Storage:  in bedroom only.  No external storage available.
*Community Park across the street with tennis courts, basketball courts and golf driving range.
*5 block walk/run to the Bay front/Marina Green.


DONT FORGET TO CHECK OUT THE PHOTOS!  Cllick on the Photos tab in the header of this site or click here:

Contact Me:

Please contact me through the craigslist ad where we met if you think we might be a match.

Thank you so very much for reading all this detail.  I hope you find the perfect place and wish you many kicks and laughs on your journey.

;)  Jeri


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