Roommate Wanted for Cozy Marina Apartment


Private Furnished Room in Cozy Marina Apartment

Available for move-in: Sept 1
Room Type: Large private room
Term: Month-to-month sublease – Prefer minimum 3 months, but short term OK for the right person and right situation.
Your rent/utilities: $1,660.00 per month
Security Deposit: $650.00

Total Roommates: 2 (including me and you, no exceptions)
Parking: Street only
House profile: Sorry, pets, no smoking, 420, or excessive drinking.
Work: You must work outside of the home


I am a 45 year old Personal Development Coach and Professional Meditation Teacher seeking to replace my current roommate who is moving to Hong Kong for a great career opportunity.  I am essentially a spiritual teacher, advanced meditation practitioner, student of the mind, and courageous soul agreeing to learn and in turn, teach inner development to the intellectual/business world.  Ha Ha – not your typical Marina roommate!  With that said, none of my other roommates have studied spirituality and it really isn’t required (I need to have a break from my study/teaching and just relax and have fun at home too).

This is a small apartment, but sharing it has allowed me to transition full-time into coaching from my corporate career without leaving this amazing neighborhood and I am very grateful to those stepping into my world to make it all happen.  It has helped my previous roommates out as well in many different ways.  This is a perfect situation for someone who is looking for a fully furnished apartment that feels like a home, a “real”, kind, shared, living experience and a sanctuary to rest, recharge, laugh and inspire.

This is technically a 600 sq. ft 1 BR apartment with a second small “bedroom” for me tastefully partitioned off the living room.  BEFORE YOU RULE IT OUT, please read on, see the PHOTOS TAB and/or come by for a visit because you will be surprised that the common space feels just like it would in a 2BR.

About your room:

*Fully Furnished private room with Queen size bed, end tables, clothing armoire, desk, office chair and large, full size closet.
*Super quiet, interior room with double pane windows.
*Black-out drapes if you like to sleep in a cave.

About my room:

*My bed resides behind a partitioned area off the living room, not completely visible from the common area.
*My “office/desk” and personal items are in an armoire in the living room and my clothes are in the hall closet.
*My space is tidy and minimal which suits me fine as it helps me focus.  I am very zen-like, and even camped in the mountains for 10 weeks recently on a spiritual quest so minimalism works fine for me.  And if I need private time, I just make sure to fit it in during your daytime work hours or while occasionally house sitting for friends.  In case you wonder, for me it is a small price to pay for doing what I love and I see this as a relatively temporary situation.

About the shared area:
*We share the living room, kitchen and bathroom, including all appliances and utensils.  This means we can watch tv together, cook together, etc. or you always have your room to retreat to for privacy.

About the apartment and amenities:
*Fully furnished living room and kitchen with dishwasher, garbage disposal, cooking utensils, flatware, etc.
*Rear unit with large windows and very little street noise and quiet long term neighbors.
*Washer and dryer in building.  Laundry service just down the block.
*Basic Cable TV, high-speed internet
* *Street Parking only* *
*Storage: bedroom only.  No external storage available except possibly for one bicycle.
*Bus Lines: 30, 30x, to North Beach/Union Square/Financial District/BART/SOMA/Caltrain, 42 to Fillmore District, Lower Haight/Potrero Hill, 43 to Upper Haight/Golden Gate Park
*Community Park across the street with tennis courts, basketball courts and golf driving range.
*5 block walk to the Bay front/Boat Marina/Marina Green intramural fields/Golden Gate Bridge Promenade and 10 min walk to Presidio Park/hiking trails.

Your share of the rent: $1,660.00 per month – Includes everything: rent, water, gas, electric, wireless DSL and basic cable TV
Security Deposit $650.00
Final Exit Cleaning: $85
Total Move-in Costs: (First month rent, last month, security deposit, exit cleaning): $4,055.00*

*credit card payment available all or a portion of the move-in costs, if you cover the Paypal processing fee.

Other costs:
We taking turns paying for the housekeeper every couple weeks, ($65 each time/$85 if you want laundry service).

About you:
*It is important that you work outside of the house and have a steady schedule.  This is because my telephone coaching requires a super-quiet environment and I will be scheduling clients weeks in advance during your work hours M-F.
*You are a party of one.  You will not be bringing anyone to live with you, outside of an occasional long weekend guest of no more than 3-4 days (because I will have to reschedule clients).
*You don’t have a lot of furniture or are willing to store it elsewhere while you are living here.
*You are not into partying, illicit or prescription drugs.
*You don’t drink more than an occasional glass or two of alcohol per week and you drink it outside of the home.
*You are likeable, comfortable in your own skin, relatively quiet, drama-free and honest to a fault.
*You are mature, financially stable, emotionally intelligent, respectful and communicative.
*You enjoy a tidy household and don’t mind picking up after yourself and sharing in a few communal tasks like emptying the dishwater and taking out the trash.  You are not the type to think “I don’t feel like emptying the dishwasher so I will just hand wash my own dishes until someone else does it” or you are at least able to mentally move past the thought and take action when necessary.   While I would like for you to care for the furniture and carpet in your room, it really is yours to keep tidy or messy, whatever way you like.

About Me/Logistics:
I generally work from home M-F doing client sessions and classes by phone (rarely have clients at home) and arrange my work day around my roommates work schedule so I can take advantage of the quiet, private time.  When you get home after work and on the weekends, my work phone is off, but I may spend time on my computer writing or reading for work.  I occasionally travel for work and house-sit for friends.

When not working I like to get out in nature at the nearby Marina Green/Golden Gate Bridge Promenade, Presidio Hiking Trails, or up in Marin and Sonoma counties for longer hikes and camping.  I also enjoy meeting friends in the city for coffee, dinner, partner dancing (tango, swing, salsa) and an occasional movie.  I sometimes watch a little TV in the evenings, but I am trying to read more so some evenings are quiet with a little soft music in the background.  I do not smoke cigarettes or 420.  I also generally do not drink alcohol except for an occasional glass when there is a toast.  This is not out of any moral position, but rather because as my career might suggest, I seek awareness and mastery of the mind (yes, this is what I call fun! Ha Ha) and alcohol sort of has the opposite effect.  Don’t worry, I still laugh and have fun!  Ha Ha.  I no longer go to bars but seem to find a lot of interesting things to do instead, where I find interesting, eclectic, people with stories to tell.  There is absolutely no judgement on drinking or any life choice you make, but if you drink more than one or two glasses per week, but it would mean that we aren’t on the same page, at the same time and we would not be the best roommates.

I am very tidy because it seems to help keep the energy happy and peaceful in the home and would love to have someone who doesn’t mind being thoughtful in this area.  At the end of the day I try not to let things get to me and if something bothers me I will either deal with it myself or kindly say something about it.  I generally do not take things personal (except when someone deceives me…I get a little tripped up by that) and if it is important, I usually like to address things directly.

Never Meditated Before?
In case you are wondering if it would be weird to live with someone who meditates quite a bit, please know that I am a pretty normal person that just gets a kick out of studying how the mind works and helping people lighten up.  I try not to take it all too seriously.  Prior to this career, I was a Database Marketing Consultant in the Financial Industry (where I did my serious) and therefore have a very practical side too.  You should see how this girl can organize a closet!  Ironically, my first introduction to meditation was from the CEO of the first bank I ever worked at 20 years ago.  I have been studying meditation, personal development and the intuitive arts ever since and feel like it is my path to continue to learn and teach this to others in a way that is appropriate for our time.  So yes, I meditate frequently but it is not serious and you can tool around the apartment while I am doing it and it will not bother me.  And yes, if you would like to learn how, I would be happy to teach you.

If you are interested to see my professional profile, click here.


DONT FORGET TO CHECK OUT THE PHOTOS!  Cllick on the Photos tab in the header or click here:

Contact Me:

Please contact me through the craigslist ad if you think we might be a match.

Thank you so very much for reading this little book.  Regardless if this is it, I hope you find the perfect place for you and wish you many kicks and laughs on your journey.

;)  Jeri


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